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TCB Swipe-N-Save automatic round up savings.
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TCB’s optional SwipeNSave program makes it easy to save every day by automatically rounding up each purchase you make with your TCB MasterCard Debit Card to the nearest whole dollar and depositing that amount in your linked savings account. The more you use your TCB Debit Card, the more you save. If you make multiple qualifying transactions in one day, the total amount that rounds up for each transaction is added up and transferred as one lump sum at the end of the day. Rounding only happens after an item has hard posted. Items that are still pending will not show a rounded amount.

Linked Accounts

SwipeNSave is configured on your checking account, so each checking account can only be linked to one savings account at a time. You can, however, have multiple checking accounts link to a single savings account at a time.

So for example:

If you have two children, YOU CAN NOT HAVE SwipeNSave round up and deposit funds equally into both of your children's savings accounts. Each checking account with TCB SwipeNSave can only be linked to one savings account at a time.

If you and your partner have your own checking accounts, YOU CAN HAVE both of those accounts round-up into a single joint savings account that you share. Because SwipeNSave is set up on the checking account, you can have as many checking accounts that you want to deposit into the same savings account.

Joint Accounts

Because TCB SwipeNSave is configured on your checking account, all debit card purchases made on that account will be rounded up. This means that if you and your partner have a joint account, and you each have your own debit card, SwipeNSave will round up purchases made with both cards. There is no way to turn SwipeNSave on for just one debit card on a joint account.

Introductory Promotion

If you sign up for SwipeNSave, TCB will match 100% of your rounded-up savings dollar for dollar for the first 90 days up to $100.

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